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The music is an important part of everyone's life, it is simply magical. We consider the music as a key element to any project, as it can significantly highlight or diminish its value. It is always important to stress its essence as well as its objective. Even when it sounds unrealistic, many people identify projects based on the musical background, without seeing it. We can use as an example a radio, advertisements, or "listening" TV in the case we are very busy. Based on the aforementioned we are convinced that this aspect should be emphasized and the success will follow...

A Music Factory covers music production of a very wide range, based on the needs of its clients. We cooperate with all of the top authors and producers in Slovakia and create music for TVs and radios, web sites, computer games, entertainment, advertisements, jingles etc. It is possible to record everything from simple structures, more complicated compositions with voices and vocals to the comprehensive symphonic musical structures, everything to clients demand. We are characterized by invention, experience, high-tech standard and a team work.